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We’ve survived Christmas and the New Year and it’s time to look forward to new beginnings, on that note I thought I’d use our first blog of 2019 to share our first ever Monthly Mystery parcel now all its recipients have received theirs. I was over the moon with the response I received from those who have signed up and received theirs, so I thought I’d show you what it was all about.

So…….on the 7th January I posted quite a few of these pretty looking parcels out

I’m a sucker for pretty post, who isn’t? So I like to think that the packaging adds to the build up of what’s inside and hopefully the tissue paper and ribbon can be recycled and made use of.




I popped a little note in, I didn’t want anyone confusing this parcel of loveliness with any others, as a fellow fabric collector I know how easily we can lose track of the fabrics we have ordered (that’s my excuse anyway)…….or is that just me!




For our first parcel I’ve chosen a random selection of fabrics in grey, yellow and navy, all of these blend well together. Left to right we have:

  1. Lambkins – Arista Oats from Art Gallery Fabrics
  2. Petal & Plume – Panache Profundo from Art Gallery Fabrics
  3. Spectrum Solid – Slate from Makower UK
  4. Flowers Multi Charcoal – Nest from Dashwood
  5. Indian Summer – Menagerie Onyx from Art Gallery Fabrics



I wanted our Mystery parcels to have more than fabric in them so this months parcel also included a quilt pattern, Tilda’s Birdpond Mountain Holiday, I mean who can resist those mountain goats. Its such a cute pattern and I’m hoping that it will encourage anyone who hasn’t already had a go at quilting to give it a shot after they received this.




Lastly, I wanted to add just a bit of something to maybe make you think about making something you wouldn’t normally make, so I added a couple of lobster clasps in this months parcel and I would really love to see what you all used them for.




Well that’s the parcel and all its contents, it’s extremely good value for money and hopefully its given you all idea’s. Its not too late to sign up for February’s subscription*, which will include………………’ll just have to wait and see


Lynne x


*Our Monthly mystery parcel is a monthly subscription, January 2019 to June 2019, please read the terms and conditions before placing your order.







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